to the Ocoa experience

We have been creating unique experiences and turning our clients’ dreams into reality for more than ten years. We are passionate about our work and our aim is to offer the best services combined with an incomparable attention to detail for our customers, no matter where they go or what sort of journey they desire.

We have experienced the essential nature of our chosen destinations first hand, sought out those well guarded secrets when selecting our hotels, learned the keys to effective forms of transport and engaged only the most experienced guides…be that as it may, the most vitally important element remains our knowledge of our client so that we may, working together, design a totally tailor-made travel experience. An experience that covers every eventuality down to the smallest detail with the maximum of flexibility.

Come and talk to us about your dream journey and OCOA will make it real, because our experience will take you to the places which technology alone simply cannot reach.




a world full of possibilities for you



In accord with our philosophy of service, all our travel plans for individual clients are designed with the greatest attention to every detail.

We always create our itineraries with the aim of providing complete customer satisfaction; selecting hotels with extreme discrimination and engaging only the very best local services.

Travel concierge service

Con nuestro Travel Concierge Service todo es posible: la más elevada y exquisita atención diseñada para que tu único objetivo sea saborear y disfrutar cada minuto del viaje, el servicio Premium pensando en ti.

Cuidaremos para que disfrutes plenamente, encargándonos de cualquier petición, dónde el más mínimo detalle sea satisfecho.

Porque creemos que el viajero excepcional requiere un servicio excepcional.

Grupos & Expediciones by OCOA

Dos maneras de viajar en grupo:
Nuestros Grupos by Ocoa, en los que elegimos la esencia de las mejoras rutas y destinos para sentir en grupo experiencias y vivencias únicas, siempre fieles a la filosofía que nos define: la de cuidar el más mínimo detalle.
Nuestras Expediciones by Ocoa, rutas diseñadas con un objetivo común para nuestros clientes con aficiones compartidas: fotografía, arquitectura, arqueología, gastronomía, enología… Grupos acompañados por reconocidos profesionales o profesores especializados según el monográfico del viaje (fotógrafos, historiadores, arqueólogos…).

Destinos Singulares

Descubrir destinos des del punto de vista más tradicional, o bien de una manera menos habitual o alternativa, buscando aquellas localizaciones menos conocidas dentro de las rutas y que conservan el sabor más auténtico.

Tan amplios son nuestros destinos, como amplio es el Mundo.


Tenemos el “Savoir-Faire” para la organización desde un sencillo meeting a una compleja reunión de trabajo, para que tu empresa no tenga que preocuparse de ningún detalle, incluso si se realiza en la otra parte del mundo.


Si necesitas premiar a tu equipo o a tus clientes, nosotros vamos a encargarnos del proyecto. Nuestra experiencia te aportará otra visión para que tu incentivo sea todo un éxito

Los podemos plantear de diferentes maneras: combinando ocio y trabajo, planteándolo como un simple viaje lúdico o potenciando las cualidades personales del equipo (“team building”, identificación de habilidades, cohesión del equipo…).


Ofrecemos un servicio integral y nos encargamos de todos los aspectos que tienen cabida en estos eventos: Secretaría Técnica, procedimiento de inscripción de los participantes, reservas hoteleras, transporte, cenas de gala, actos lúdicos paralelos…

La complejidad en la organización y ejecución de una conferencia o congreso para nuestros clientes, se convierte en una tarea sencilla para nuestro equipo.


Con nosotros tendrás tu mejor aliado para llevar a cabo cualquier otro tipo de evento corporativo: lanzamientos y presentaciones de productos, encuentros temáticos, cenas de gala, “work-shops”, celebraciones empresariales…

Desde el momento que nos cuentes tu idea, nos pondremos a trabajar para transformarla en una realidad.


Sabiendo lo importante que es para tu empresa la óptima gestión de la movilidad de tu equipo, nuestro principal objetivo es ofrecer un servicio global para que nuestros clientes no tengan que preocuparse de ningún detalle.


personal experiencies

Our clients’ thoughts and comments on their tours are the best reward we could ask for.

Beti. B. (Sant Cugat)

"Cambodia is wonderful, Angkor spectacular!!"

Only one line to thank everyone for the fantastic trip we have been able to make. As always, everything was meticulously controlled. Nothing has failed. Some small mishap that is part of the trip, unimportant! I think the work that the whole team is extraordinary is: agency, guides, drivers … you perform. We have felt pampered and cared for at all times. I would even say more we have felt privileged.

Vietnam is an extraordinary country. A serene country, with a very hard past, but with a very powerful look towards the future. A country of very quiet people who listen a lot and speak little. The north is awesome! The excellent guide, has made us enjoy every corner of Puluong Park. Stunning Halong Bay, undoubtedly the pearl of Vietnam. Wonderful landscape that floods the country with rice fields. Saigon an incredible city of contrasts (I miss one day … .you have to kick it). In short, a country that is worth it!

Cambodia is wonderful, Angkor spectacular!!

Thank you very much to all


Dayna L. (USA)

"Italy..our trip was amazing! All the very best!"

Our trip was amazing!  The hotels, private transfers, private tours were all perfectly done and made our experience

Extremely easy and pleasurable.

We are grateful for all of your help and will definitely use your services again in the future.

All the very best!


Joana (Igualada)

"New York... unforgettable moments"

Hi Abel, you’ll still be away for sure but I wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you. On this journey my nephews and I have had so many unforgettable experiences, and all thanks to you, Abel, and to your team at OCOA. Thanks so much for all your excellent, impeccably professional work. For this and many other reasons I want to transmit my gratitude to you and encourage you to keep up the good work IT WILL MAKE YOU GREAT


Natalia N. (Panamá)

"Egypt...the memory of this journey will live long in our hearts and minds"

We will never travel in future If you are not organising the holiday. Magnificent hotels, wonderful cruise ship. I know my daughter has already written to you, but I want to add my voice in gratitude for the incredible trip you organised for us. The guide was a wonder. In short, everything was amazing. Many, many thanks.


Teresa A. (Sant Cugat del Vallés)

"Myanmar. The hotels at Lake Ingle and Bagan... Fabulous!"

The entire trip was a dream come true. No problems whatsoever. Everything was ideal…including the weather!

We had a wonderful time. I’ll come soon to show you the photos. And the hotels at Lake Ingle and Bagan were just fabulous!!! Thanks so much for everything!! Big hugs!


Carmen A. (Barcelona)

"Armenia... a wonderfully positive experience"

I just want to thank you for how everything went so smoothly. Well organised, attentive, professional personnel, hotels, restaurants, transfers…all perfect.

It was a totally positive experience. The guide was exceptional. A person who lived and breathed the history of the country and felt a deep pride for its customs and traditions, a pride which was shared with us. Nothing was too much to ask, especially after our companion had a little accident.

Until next time, thank you so much.

Yours sincerely.


Jorge S. (Barcelona)

"Bar Harbor (Maine, USA), Brilliant!"

Bar Harbor was brilliantl!! Our hotel room was incredible. We understand now why you insist on using it even though it’s a more expensive option (it’s worth every penny!) When we walked in and saw the view we just froze on the spot. We loved the city, the colourful wooden houses. Really lovely! Acadia Park was also very beautiful and enormous. This first part of the journey was excellent and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. The second half of the journey (New York, Boston and Miami) was also enjoyable, and even though it offered nothing new as we’d done the same trip with you last year we loved seeing familiar places again. Many thanks for all your work and for suggesting the visit to Maine! Until next time!


Rosa R. (Sant Cugat)

"The trip to New York was fantastic"

Just a note to say that the entire trip has been fantastic and we’ve had a wonderful time. Perfectly organised, hotel and everything excellent. Many thanks and wishing you a lovely summer.


Xavier R. (Sant Cugat)

"Our weekend getaway to Tenerife perfect!"

We have already finished our birthday getaway and it has been PERFECT!

The truth could not have chosen a “partner in crime” better so wholeheartedly thank you very much for always organizing everything cinema!

A hug and see you soon!



Marta V. (Barcelona)

"Canada recommended unreservedly"

Everything was top notch in Canada. The hotels were all excellent and perfectly situated near the city centres.

As it was the 150th anniversary of Canadian Independence the atmosphere was electric and there were celebrations in all the cities we visited.

We stayed in Toronto and Ottawa first, and these were the cities we liked best. The old quarter of Quebec was like a French town and was full of tourists, and Montreal struck us a somewhat chaotic.

That aside, we really enjoyed everything.

Our cabin in Omega Park was very nice. Unfortunately it rained and got chilly which was a pity, but we had fun getting wood together and lighting the stove!! It was rustic and cosy. The worst thing was the ecological toilet with its plastic bags!!

Unreservedly recommended.

Thanks for everything and until next time.


Pere P. (Sant Cugat)

"Miami and Orlando...outstanding"

Hi Carmen, I’ve been wanting to write to you for some time but we’ve been away and it just hasn’t been possible. I just wanted to let you know that everything about the trip was outstanding. It was just perfect – no problems at all. Everyone had a fantastic, unforgettable time. We celebrated my wife’s birthday there. Brilliant! Really happy. All the hotels, but especially the one in Miami, top drawer. Excellent quality, ideally placed. Many thanks. I’m sending you some photos. Cheers!


Porfirio B. (Puerto Rico)

"Thanks. I congratulate you for our trip’s great success"

Abel, greetings from Puerto Rico. We have now settled back into the daily routine after the trip to Europe which you organised for the group from Puerto Rico. Thanks to you for all your personal attention and to the guide who accompanied us throughout our stay. We greatly appreciated his knowledge of history, languages and culture etc, but above all his calm demeanour whenever something unexpected happened. I also want to express my thanks for your personal attention to my wife with regard to her vegetarian requirements at ou hotels. I feel I must congratulate you for the great success of our tour . I’m sure we would not have had such an educational and agreeable time without your guidance. Thank you. Thank you. You have firm friends in my wife and myself. If you’re ever in Puerto Rico we insist you come and stay with us.


Xell M. (Sant Cugat)

"Brasilia is truly amazing!"

Amazing. Brasilia, Amazonas y Río. The guides were perfect and we were even taken on a tour of the favelas (with an N.G.O). When I get back I’ll tell you all about it! Big hugs!


Maggie A. (Puerto Rico)

"Holland, Belgium...the trip in a word...EXCELLENT!"

The entire group agreed that it had been “the trip of a lifetime”. The spectacular hotels, the food, the tours…everything. The guides and the group got on famously together. Every detail related to the trip had been meticulously organised, as we have come to expect from OCOA’s consummate professionalism. Thank you from the bottom of my heart…


Marta R. (Barcelona)

"Incredible activities…my boss and the girls delighted"

The training session went brilliantly. Perfectly organised and without a hitch. The hotel staff were extremely friendly and helpful at all times. The Escape Room was incredible. The girls and my boss came away thrilled to bits. We’ll be coming back to you in the future for sure. Johanne, many thanks for everything. Big hugs!



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