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We have been creating unique experiences and turning our clients’ dreams into reality for more than ten years. We are passionate about our work and our aim is to offer the best services combined with an incomparable attention to detail for our customers, no matter where they go or what sort of journey they desire.

We have experienced the essential nature of our chosen destinations first hand, sought out those well guarded secrets when selecting our hotels, learned the keys to effective forms of transport and engaged only the most experienced guides…be that as it may, the most vitally important element remains our knowledge of our client so that we may, working together, design a totally tailor-made travel experience. An experience that covers every eventuality down to the smallest detail with the maximum of flexibility.

Come and talk to us about your dream journey and OCOA will make it real, because our experience will take you to the places which technology alone simply cannot reach.



a world full of possibilities for you



In accord with our philosophy of service, all our travel plans for individual clients are designed with the greatest attention to every detail.

We always create our itineraries with the aim of providing complete customer satisfaction; selecting hotels with extreme discrimination and engaging only the very best local services.

Travel concierge service

For our Travel Concierge Service nothing is impossible: we pay the most thorough attention to every detail an attention whose sole purpose is to ensure the maximum pleasure and comfort for you, from the first to the last moment of your journey. It is a Premium service dedicated to you.

OCOA makes your total enjoyment its number one priority, and to that end we respond to every request with the aim of ensuring that all your requirements are satisfied.

Because we believe that an exceptional traveller merits exceptional service.

Grupos & Expediciones by OCOA

Two ways of travelling in groups:

OCOA Groups: We select the essence of the best routes and destinations for Our Groups, so that you may live unique individual experiences within the party. Alone or in company, our fundamental philosophy remains the same: take care of everything down to the last detail.

OCOA Expeditions: Our Expeditions are routes designed by us for clients with shared interests: photography, architecture, archaeology, gastronomy, enology…Groups are led by recognised experts or instructors specialised in the field (photographers, historians, archaeologists…).

Destinos Singulares

Discover places in the routine way, or maybe in a rather less usual, alternative fashion. Seek out less well-known spots along those well-trodden routes; places that still resonate authenticity.

Our destinations are as broad and wide as the world itself.


We have the organisational “Savoir Faire” you need for everything, from the simplest meeting to the most complex work related assemblies. You can rest assured that we will take care of every detail, no matter where in the world your meeting is scheduled to take place.


If you wish to reward your team or your clients, we will be pleased to take responsibility for making your project a reality. Our experience will open your eyes to a wide range of possibilities, ensuring that your initiative will be a complete success.

We can focus the project in various ways: by combining work with fun activities, by presenting it simply as a relaxing holiday or as a method for highlighting the personal qualities of the team (“team building”, skills workshops, team cohesion…).


We offer a complete service which covers all aspects of these events: Technical Secretarial service, inscription of participants, hotel reservations, transport arrangements, formal dinners, out of congress fun activities…

What can often be a nightmarishly complex task of organisation and coordination for our client is made simple when placed in the capable hands of our team.


Let us be your best ally when it comes to staging a successful corporate event: product launch and presentation, themed meetings, gala dinners, “work shops”, business related events…

Bring us your idea. Then leave it with us and we’ll work hard to make it a reality.


Knowing how important optimising mobility management of your team is to your business, we make it our business to offer a total service – meaning that you won’t have to worry about a thing.

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